Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2020

Welcome to Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day! If you’re new to our annual event, you may not know that, traditionally, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day has been celebrated in Austin, Texas with a rally on the steps of the Capitol building. It’s an incredible showing of solidarity and community.

This year, the Coronavirus threw a wrench in our plans. But we all figured we needed to raise awareness for and share valuable resources to foster our children’s mental health now more than ever.

We ask that you take today to move through our digital rendering of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Celebrate with us, honor the struggles some of our children face, and help us shatter the stigma around necessary conversations about mental health.

This year’s theme is “Power in Numbers.” We may not be able to live out that theme in person, but we can still virtually raise our voices together as a community. Spend some time on our Community Wall, and be sure to add your voice to the conversation.

Although Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day is May 2nd, this website will remain live long after the day ends. Come back whenever you need to check out a resource at the Exhibitor Fair, get a question answered with the FAQ, or just to listen to some inspirational words at our Main Stage.

Thank you for spending your time raising awareness for our children’s mental health.

We’re so glad you’re here.

— The CMHAD Planning Committee